Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Reviewing Schtuff: Never Let Me Go (2010)

Hey..Errbody, so I guess this is the first actual review post on this blog, where I’ll be reviewing a movie. But first I’d like to introduce myself I’m AM Freak….and I guess that’s practically all you need to know, cuz most of the other stuff  you’ll probably find out through my reviews

So, the movie I’m reviewing today is…. Que the drums !!!

Never Let Me Go (2010)

Directed by: Mark Romanek

The movie is based in an alternate history where there are special school which raise kids who have to donate their organs to stupid douche bags who need it. (Totally sick right? I mean they’re just kids they deserve a life too) anyways, it follows the story of three young individuals, Cathy (played by Carey Mulligan ), Tommy (played by Andrew Garfield) and Ruth (played by Kiera Knightly

I for one did not know about this movie until like a week ago and after what i saw in the trailer i just had to see it, and it really was a movie worth watching. With the great screenplay and awesome character development, i really got lost in the movie. The story line got a little dull at some points, and if you're really not into slow gloomy romantic movies than this one definitely ain't, but if you're like me and you simply loooooove the romantics, then you're gonna love this one too. 

I really enjoyed the time when they are all shown as little kids being completely isolated from the outside world, it really touched my heart. might have even made me drop a tear or two (yeah i can admit stuff like that), then there was also the parts when they grew up and became mature, and not gonna spoil anything for ya, but there's alotta sex and prostitution talk.

The ending again could have been better and happier, but i guess that's not really what the directer was going for, it was a sad and gloomy movie, with a little excitement that made you want to hope for the character's best but at the end, life is just life and it all has to end.

So if you're thinking of watching this movie, i'd say give it a shot, you might not like it, but it's a good attention grabber, and don't be too much disappointed of the ending, i know i keep mentioning it, but it's a good movie over all if you're into the romance movies, or if you want something to watch with you're guy or gal all curled up and nice ( gosh i wish thats how i watched it) then this movie is definitely for you.

So to end it I'll give this movie a 3.5 outta 5 :)