Saturday, 21 January 2012

What people really want from cinemas..

Okay I'll be honest, after this whole 3D movie hype cinemas have literally become a rip-off...I mean how many of us actually give a damn of the 3D content during the movie?  And especially those remake-wannabes like the Lion King who add 3D like it would actually make a difference to the orignal movie.
And well that makes me remember of the good old days when cinemas were not only cheap but well all about badass action..and now well its just the opposite

What cinemas actually don't get is that we don't care whether it is in 3d or the fact that you've added fancy chairs or other junk...
 What we actually care about is that you have...

                   #1 Extra-sized Popcorn

#2 Loud speakers 
#3 Never before seen footage
                    #4 Less annoying people!!

and most of all..

    #5 A 50 Calibre M2 tomato machine gun